Reviews and Comments to Papers by Sandra S. Williams

"I am a child holocaust/OSE survivor and carry the greatest respect for Sandra's work which is without parallel."
Michael Breston, Houston, Texas

"I am writing to you on behalf of the Dinur Center for the Study of Jewish History, based at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Our team has been setting up a web site that offers a variety of important links and research possibilities. I would like to inform you that your site The Impact of the Holocaust On Survivors and Their Children has already been added to our Internet Resources in Jewish History.

Please visit our web site and come back to us with additional information or comments that will make the site more accurate and updated. The recognition of our efforts depends on availability of information given in our sites."
Michael Rosenfeld, The Dinur Center for the Study of Jewish History, Hebrew University, Mount Scopus, Jerusalem, Israel

"I am one of the moderators of the JesusMysteries discussion forum. Your Sadducean Origins Paper was posted to our list today for discussion and I am writing to ask if you would kindly join us. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. We are researching all aspects of ancient Judaism, Christianity, and the mystery religions through 425 CE. We are comprised of 900+ folks from all religions and non-religions with laypeople, scholars, and students participating; we have many interested readers. Ours is a discussion of history and not religion or apologetics.

Your participation would be gladly received with as little or as much time as you can spare. Your students are welcome, as well."
Clarice O'Callaghan

"It is very good there is such much information about education on Holocaust - one of the cruellest page of 2 World War-in your country. We in former USSR many years didn't know about this tragedy. I write from Ukraine. Now in Ukrainian schools children have opened to study about Holocaust.Some training is in institutes. But...It is very-very a little. Ukrainian schoolkids and students must study more about Holocaust. 25% Holocaust's sacrifices were in Ukraine.

Can you send some materials in order to spread your experience for our education? We can too altogether to prepare materials for ministry of education of ukraine. Now minister is V.Kremen', a very educated person."
Vladislav Nagirner, Ukraine

"I think your papers are great. I am looking for information on the sunset Pharisee Sabbath and sunrise to sunrise theory, the history, and what tradition to follow. Any information would be greatly appreciated."
Robert Taylor, Leicester, UK

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"The Sadduccean Origins of the Dead Sea Sectarians is a very well written piece. This paper has re-started my mental processes over this issue. I was fully convinced of the Essene theory, but you have re-opened the case beautifully."
Saul Rehberg, Troy, Tennessee

"To Sandra S. Williams, thanks for the excellent article about David and Abigail, a non-traditional View. I am a protestand theologian, having written about Abigail myself. I really appreciate your interpretation and exegesis, it is sound, solid and biblical in the best sense of the world. People would consider me as an evangelical feminist, which is a privileged title for me, for others a provocation. Thanks so much, God bless you!"
Friedhilde Stricker, Fed. Rep. of Germany

"Thank you for your paper about Christian anti-semitism. It is the best that I have read as it is well researched and fair. I am a Christian myself and I had very little idea about the Church history of anti-Semitism. It is very important that we should be aware of its existence so that we can be sure that we don't make the same mistakes again. The fundamentalist churches are showing subtle signs of anti-semitism without realizing it. I am sure that if they were better educated in church history they would not be making their anti-Jewish statements. Thanks! "
Emma Stafford, England

"I found the quotations in your article on Anti semitic roots in the church very helpful for a talk I had to do on a training course for Chrisitian ministers, many of whom have been taught that Israel is an historical accident, rather than a sign of Divine faithfulness and love for His ancient people. Thanks."
Ian Macaulay, England

"Congratulations. I would like to see more research papers."
Joseph Mappilacherry, Dubai, UAE

"Great! It's about time people are writing about this unbelievable horror!! I'm a second generation survivor still trying to find out about the camps my mother was in. The Bundesarchiv site in Germany is what I need to access/any information would be helpful."
Henry Zanoni-Kuzdak, Studio City, California

"Your paper on the impact of the Holocaust is excellent; it is thorough and comprehensive, sensitive and relevant. This is an area I know well and have written in, and want to commend you for an outstanding presentation.

I also found your paper on Ka-tzetnik very sensitive and thought provoking enough to send one back to the source."
Dr. Netta Kohn Dor-Shav, Herzliah on the Sea, ISRAEL

"Just read your article on Anti-semitism. It is the best that I have ever read. I am sending your site to all my friends to read also. I hope you consider a book. Thank you."
Jean Zeidler, Weed, California

"I have just begun to look at your website and I find it extremely useful. I'm the child of a Holocaust Survivor. My mother is a Holocaust Survivor from Budapest, Hungary. I'm a volunteer at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC. I work there in the Survivors Registry. I also give tours of the Holocaust Museum and speak as a Second Generation Survivor. I have been doing that on and off for five years. I love your website because it is easy for me to understand. I have also sent it to other people I know personally. If you all ever want to go again just let me know and I will give you passes even if it is busy."
Keith Bailey, Reston, Virginia

"I had to write to you and tell you how much I enjoyed your "non-Traditional" view of David and Abigail. I took it to my Hadassah study group, and wow, did it make an impact. The first time I read it, I laughed! We all thoroughly enjoyed it. If you do anything else like this, I'd love to read it. Thanks again."
Marsha Myerowitz

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"I am studying a history course at the University of Victoria – Anti-racism and Anti-semitism in Canada before 1900. Your article on the origins [The Origins of Christian Anti-Semitism] is very helpful and fits with my professors information. You are very precise. Thank you."
Kathe Freebury, Victoria, BC, Canada

"I read your article on the children of survivors, of which I am one (child of a survivor). My father was a young lad when he hid in a basement for 5 years in Hungary (not sure the specific dates). I'm coming to terms with the effect its had on my emotional life, I have a lot of internal stress which I think must be partially attributable to his experiences. Do you get many inquiries about this, or have any info?"

"Bravo! Honest and on point. Why hasn't this [The Origins of Christian Anti-Semitism] been taught more widely in the seminaries? Or is that too much to expect?"
Sam Selber, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"I thought your site, Origins of Christian Anti-Semitism, was brilliant. I would like to know more about you, your background, education, and why you chose this particular subject. I learned a lot from your site. Thanks."
Murray Leeds, Woodmere, New York

"The Impact of the Holocaust On Survivors and their Children has been very helpful to me in my work and in my personal life."
R. A. Albanese, San Antonia, Texas

"Best paper I have ever seen on this distasteful subject [Origins of Christian Anti-Semitism]."
Aaron M. Novick, Roseburg, Oregon

"Sorry to bother you , but I need to know where your article [Holocaust Paper] was originally published and the date, etc. Is it a dissertation? A journal article? You should try and publish it. It is one of the most in-depth papers I have seen of the subject. Thanks again, I truly appreciate it."
Dana Weisman

"As a Hindu whose race too has been calumnized by both Christian and Islamic soldiers of 'God', and as an Indian – a citizen of a nation which has the unique history of having thousands of Jewish families living for two thousand years with no persecution – I salute your site for its courage and straight forwardness."
Arvind, Nagercoil, TN, India

"I, too, am trying to understand the mentality of Xtian Europe leading up to the Holocaust. I came to the conclusion that it was from all the hate found in the New Testament. So, I, too, am writing about all the anti-semitism found in the NT if you look at it through Jewish eyes. So many papers have been written - but not too showing actually chapter and verses. Please write to me."
Hugh Fogelman, Yucca Valley, California

"This is a most needed site & very good. I believe you should add a listing of those of us still alive and willing to speak out at public gatherings so that "Never Again!" will keep (recover?) its meaning. Whether that's possible is another question."
Walter Plywaski (ex-"guest" of Lodz ghetto, Auschwitz & Dachau), Boulder, Colorado

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"Beginning to read your article, my father was prisoner Polish non-Jewish in Stutthoff and Dachau, his photo is there I'm positive in survivors, the one with the Polish hat in the background. I recognised him.

He was severely psychologically affected by that am he told me some of it. His temprament made our lives miserable at times and is still effects my brother and sister too. I am a pastor now and heard of these effects at my counseeling class, and began to discover why I felt the way I did. We were not allowed to cry because of what he experienced and saw of crying children in the camp. He lived the rest of his life with an intense hatred of Germans. He ended up guarding the SS captives and as a seargent in the U.S. Army. I have photos.

I have met lots of people here in Scotland who were displaced and one who as a child was in a camp in Italy as a child has really been affected. For some reason Polish displaced persons took some of their anger out on their families and children. Yours sincerely,"
Rev. J. S. Gierasik, Dundee, Scotland

"I just read your 'The Impact of the Holocaust On Survivors and Their Children' document. I am a second generation survivor. My parents for the past 20 years and I for the past 15 yrs, have been surviving a hate situation in west Los Angeles that would make a perfect case study. How the government and specifically the Justice System encourages and supports hate crimes instead of deters. How numerous neighbors will either be in fear to step forward or outright lie to police and in the courts. I have a few video samples of the violence in broad daylight perpetrated against my parents and myself on the website,, and have not been able to find anyone to investigate."

"Bravo! What a great paper! I am not Jewish but I have a thirst for knowledge for this historical tragedy. You have answered many of the questions and inquiries that I had. I never fully understood the full impact that has affected the entire Jewish people. Your paper was very moving and informative. The last quote was a perfect selection for the conclusion.

I am assuming that you are a descendent from a Holocaust family. My heart goes out to you and your family for what they have been through. You have a real talent for writing. Keep it up! Best of luck to you!"
Andrea Simmons, Farmington, New York

"Thank you for the research and sharing this on the internet. I am not Jewish, I am a child of Polish survivors of the war. My father had whip marks on his back and my mother was taken from her home near Krakow and made to work as white slave on a German farm (as opposed to the other choice, a bordello). The psychological and physical scars were many. Anything regarding the World War II I did not want to hear about or read because I lived with the brokeness of what it produced."
Alexandra Penny, Bellevue, Nebraska

"I just want to thank you for this valuable information. What you wrote is really impressive, and it is even more impressive to know that it is actually true. I couldn't hold my tears back while reading this paper. I mean, I was just trying to find some information for a school project regarding the postwar situation of the Jews, and what I read here was more than what I had expected. I already knew of the brutality of concentration camps, of the millions of innocent Jews that died there, but I had no idea of the long term impact WWII had left. What you described was really painful, and it seems almost impossible to believe that this truly happened.

Thanks again for contributing with my education. I'm sure it will really help me in my homework. Sincerely,"
A. Ramirez, a sophomore in high school

"Hi Mrs. Sandra! I just want to thank you again because I consider your paper about the impact of the Holocaust on the survivors and their children as an excellent research paper. I wish I could write like that! THANK YOU!!! God Bless You and your work!"
A. Ramirez

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"Thank you so much for putting this paper on line. As a recovering Catholic and former Carmelite i have felt for some time now that Christianity IS ritualized antisemitism, pure and simple. Simply witness the canonization of Sister Teresa Benedicta of the Cross. Never before have I heard a Carmelite referred to by her name in the world yet now this nun who was murdered by the Nazis for being a Jew is referred to by her name in the world (Edith Stein). Is this not a form of antisemitism in and of itself? Again, thank you so much for this paper."
Assunta Femia

"I so appreciate your webpage and have been reading the different sections. It is one of the most informative and well written webpages I have seen."
Beth Hartford

"I read with great interest your account of 'The Impact of the Holocaust' as I was surfing the web recently. I am a 54 year old graduate student at Webster University in St. Louis and am studying mass communications. My chosen thesis subject is 'An Analysis of Propaganda Use by Germany from 1933 through 1945.' You appear to be so marvelously well-read on the Holocaust in general and so I am quite naturally curious as to whether you have written any papers dealing with German propaganda and how an entire nation of people could be pursuaded to accept 'The Final Solution' as an acceptable means of dealing with the European Jewry.

I am familiar with Goldhagen's book on the subject: 'Hilter's Willing Executioners', and will use it as source material but I am looking for other opinions on the matter. I would be immensely grateful if you would suggest additional reading materials, including anything you may have researched on the subject. Thank you so much for your time."
Bill Davis

"I just wanted to thank you for your interesting paper on the Sadducean theory on the Dead Sea Scrolls. It was very interesting. I appreciated it being placed on the Web so I could read it.

I am an undergraduate at San Francisco State University and your paper added a viewpoint I would of otherwise not had available. I am taking a class on major wester religions and the Dead sea Scrolls obviously came up. My information, through your paper, prompted a very interesting discussion in my class. Thank you again,"
Steve Kroll, San Francisco, California

"Wait until my sister hears this! I sent her a page or two of your website and she asked how I found it. Actually, I really don't know how, but, I am happy I did! I will certainly let you know how we all feel about it.

Now, are you a holocaust survivor too? Are your parents? Where exactly is the school in Florida?

You are right about us living in the shadow - it cast a huge shadow on our lives. My mother has never gotten over her experiences during that war. I can honestly say, it ruined her life. She has never been happy. Only now, can I begin to understand what it means to lose the ones you love. Six months ago, I lost my twenty-two year old son to a drug overdose. He was my only child, her only grandson. I now understand how she feels about losing her family. Not only has she had to go through life in the shadow of the holocaust, she has to live out her remaining days in the shadow of drug addiction too.

I am glad you have responded. I will look forward to reading your paper. I will write you, my sister will write you and I will try to get my mother to dictate a letter to you as well. I wish you well."
Jean Conway, Greenfield, MA

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"This is excellent writing! I've always been fascinated with the Holocaust. The sheer evil of trying to eliminate an innocent people is beyond me. I've read a lot of articles on this topic, but your's left me feeling literally sick to my stomach. What I mean is, you really brought out the details and made me feel like I was actually experiencing it. Congradulations on a fine piece of work. I look forward to reading all five articles. Thank you for making this available on the net."
Miriam Kinyanjui

"I'm just glad THERE IS a special site to learn more about Jewish tradition. I'm not a Jewish, a Catholic actually, but THANKS ANYWAY. I like the song in this site. Is there a score available?"
Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia

"My dear friend (deceased) Lawrence first mentioned the matter of Christian Anti-Semitism. I enjoyed this article tremendously even though my Christian friends deny it. Thanks for a good piece of accurate information on a subject that seems to be ignored."
Douglas Mills, Toronto, ON, Canada

"Your tripe of Jesus being "born a jew", has to be the product of a SPIRITUALLY SICK mind. All the filth taught by Jews in the Babbalah, Talmud, Freemasonry and other non-sense is now being made manifest to the world, by the same CREATOR/JESUS that you deny as Lord and Saviour."
Michael Smythe, Old Towne, Florida

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